Eulogy to hyphema
-- by: W i s h

I, Wish, am here to represent the WGN Haters of which hyphema was president.

We gather here to say good-bye to our good friend, h y p h e m a. Some of us remember him as president of the WGN Haters. He was deeply committed to our cause.

I, as his "loyal sidekick" remember him as a good friend, colleague, doctor, and more.

He loved the Posting Board and all things related.

Except for the fighting.

We all remember how he left the board during one particularly bad spout of arguing. Instead of fighting back, he knocked some sense into many by this peaceful thing.

Hyph was a good friend to me during many times. He made jokes, saying when I was off the board for a while that my name at the time, H.C., stood for Holy Cow.

When I came back, during the times of our oppression by WGN, and when I was sick, he made me feel better by sending me cards.

And when I sprained my ankle, he advised what to do.

We all know his sense of humor; his name shows it. An eye hemmorhage, a hyphema.

People would say 'ewww' but he stuck with it all the same. :**)

Bear with me. I've been writing this and practicing saying it for a while and it's still really hard.

I don't know how the WGN Haters will deal with this but, at this time, on behalf of the WGN Haters, I'd like to ask W i l l to assume leadership of the WGN Haters.

The last time h y p h e m a e-mailed me it was about WGN. It shows just how much he stood for our rights as Buffy viewers.

Today we say... Good-bye friend, and president. Good-bye. We'll miss you.

T H E   E N D