First of all, my name is W i l l, and I'm male. Second, when I logged onto the Web in March of 1997, I used the screen name hyphema and some people thought I was a girl.

A hyphema is: "blood in the front chamber of the eye, almost always caused by an injury that ruptures a small blood vessel in the iris or ciliary body" (Source: American Medical Association Encyclopedia of Medicine, where I saw a picture of a bloody eye and adopted the name.)

I signed everything hyphema :-[ (That thing there on the end is supposed to be a Vampire Smiley, but people tended to think I was sad).
Later on, I dropped the smiley altogether and added spaces: h y p h e m a.

I was called variously Hyphema, Hy, Hyp, Hyph, Hyphe, Hyphy... My online bestfriend and confidant, Rissa, called me "My Hyph."

I spent the majority of my time online at the Buffy the Vampire Slayer postingboard (Hence the Vampire Smiley), where I was a first week poster, and in the Buffy chat room at UltimateTV (, where the following users listed me as a buddy:

  • Medalion
  • Sachiel
  • Silverkat
  • Zac
  • Scorned
  • Shadowvamp
  • Locke
  • Dryice
  • Ladybug
  • Dakota
  • Flirtz
  • Angelsmylove
  • fidget

    I met many people there, some of whom became my friends and/or enemies;): Rissa, Nessa, Courtney (aka Baby2), Keri (aka Karebear), Karen (aka Nightshade), Queenie, Savage Sheena, Carmen, Julie (aka Julie27), TV James, Joss Whedon, Alyson Hannigan, Lost Boy, Todd McIntosh, Marti Noxon (aka Scout), Kinetic (aka Willow Fan aka Willow Freak), Angelic, Tall Angel, Tammy-Jean, Wish (aka H.C.), Angela (aka Vision6), JustAnotherAngelLover, Sage, Buff1f, Anya, TheRedKnight, Lissy, Ladybug, Kim!, Sachiel, Viashino, Miss Dainty, Claudia, Dreamscape205, Love, Tessa, AngelsMyLove, Girl Capital, *Starr*, Cherub, Leia, Karen, Psyche, Shannah, Crystal, Asiandoll, Buffy-, Deadguy, Sentinel, ~Sara~, Mekare, Sabrina, Daisy, Gia, Little Willow, Slayde, TC, Monique-Slayer Wannabe, Lisa Rose, Anime Nut, Aug, Twig-E, RTBS (Ruff Tuff Buff Stuff), Blade: The Vampire Hunter, SWMF, DocRoc, Anne2, Dalia, TigGA, Ben: The Vampire Hunter, AKABecker, Angel, Chiquita, Galadriel, Jackie:), Leather Jacket, Michele Santiago, Thrawn, 'Stina, Sonja-Marie, Jen--The Pasty One, Kirbyclause, Kenya, Flagg, Niterise, Reptilian_Cow, Hendu, Occido, Immortal, The Watcher, Krzee, ScottJ, Tech-Zero, KarenT, Kim P., Rain_, Mesh, Peridot, Loup-Garou, Michael7770, SM2 (aka Sillymac2), Zac, Starlight, Vicki_, Rizzo, VSlayer1, WanderingKnight, Skulkraker, DryIce, NTMT, Vampkira, Silverkat, Klaybon,... (I know I have probably left someone off inadvertently. That's the trouble with these darn lists. Please don't take it personally. Or do. It's up to you).

    As Buffy fans, we called ourselves many things: Buffy Buffs, Slayers, The Slayers Legion, Slayerettes, Slayereans, Slayer Watchers, Slayerites, Slaysters, The Chosen, Designated Stake Holders, Buffties, Slaydreamers, Buffites, Buffers, Buffoons...

    Some of us were even called: WGN Haters (Click here to find out why).