From the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer postingboard:

Nightshade and Anya says:
(Fri Jan 23 10:20:50 PST 1998
ATTENTION all friends of hyphema....

h y p h e m a at the Bronze on January 10, 1998 passed away in his 28th year. Beloved Posting Boarder, friend to many, Our dearly departed Hyphema is survived by W i l l, his alter ego. A Memorial service will be held most likely in the Sunnydale Funeral Home. In rememberance, donations may be made to the "Red Cross" or the "Sunnydale Literary Society", headed by Mr. R. Giles, late of the British Museum.

No date has official been set for the Memorial Service just yet, but anyone who is interested in attending, please let me know.

The following people have already advised me that they will be attending:
Julie, who shall be giving a joint eulogy with me
Queenie, who plans to cater the reception afterwards
Anya, who shall be dealing with hyphema's legal estate
NtMt, who said he will be performing a dirge at the funeral

Those who would like to be a part of this tribute to hyph, email me. We also will need some musicians, a priest, some pallbearers, ushers, perhaps, etc...

Nightshade & Anya

The "funeral" was never held, but you can read the eulogy, by W i s h, right here: Eulogy.