Back when the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered in '97, it was aired on the fledgling WB Network (This was before the switch to UPN). There were only a handful of WB affiliates at the time. The show was only carried on WGN in some markets. WGN is a Chicago-based television station big on sports. They often pre-empted Buffy in favor of ball games, delaying airings for up to five days. This made me mad. Very mad. Thus the WGN Haters was born.

The WGN Haters was never intended to be a group. I had simply decided to express my anger by adding WGN Hater to my postingboard and e-mail signatures. Before I knew it, though, people were all over me, asking to join the "club."

We never really were a club though. We had no cheesy newsletter. No weekly meetings. No website with any of that secret, pretentious "members only" crap. No, we were just an irate bunch, some of whom fired off e-mails to WGN (

Here were some of the "members" (If I forgot you, which is likely, just drop me an e-mail.): AHAS, Aislinn, Anime Nut, Babs, Blodkin, Briar Rose, Brigantia, Courtney (aka Baby2), Debra Zimmerlee, DJ Kalee, Flagg, Gatekeeper, Gina, H.C. (aka Wish), Heavenly Angel Grrrl, Jen-The Pasty One, KarenT, Kenya, Kris, Maggie the Cat, Martin Seawright, Morbius, Natalie, Phoenix, Rissa, RTBS, Sax Man, Slayde, Silver (aka Ragabash), Skulkraker, Thrawn, TigGA, UCFBuffyFan, Vampkira, and Xanadu.

In January of 1998, I decided to retire h y p h e m a, opting to use my real name, W i l l, instead. A "funeral" was planned for "h y p h e m a."

Details are here: Obituary.