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Location: State Hospital
Job: Rehabilitation Assistant
Who: Me

It was LEISURE TIME at the state (mental) hospital. We were about to take the patients for a walk. But first: "Does anyone need to go to the bathroom?" A staffer was asking everyone, in general, and then asked the old man sitting next to me. He was wearing a cap, a headset, a navy windbreaker, thick clear glasses, and a gray beard a la Colonel Sanders. The staffer asked again: "Do you need to use the restroom, sir?" The old guy shook his head no, nodded yes, shook his head no, in rapid succession. He laughed and laughed. "You got him, huh," I said. He continued to laugh. "That was funny." I let him calm down and then decided I better check, just in case. "Do you have to go to the bathroom?" He shook his head and said no. "You were just kidding him?" He nodded and said si. He then pointed at the staffer and laughed some more. I said, "Yeah, that was a good one. That was a good joke."

-- W i l l

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