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C r a b b y

I got a call the other day.

It was lunch time. I had just fixed myself a Gardenburger.

Just as I sat down to eat, the call came.

Fuh, I thought. No way am I getting that. Not right now. I'm hungry....

Well, my Mom got it, in the other room.

"W i l l, phone for you!" she trilled.

Of all the--- I yelled: "Dammit! I'm eating here!"

I knew my Mom knew that. She had just seen me in the kitchen fixing up my burger all nice and everything!

Well, I quietly finished eating, got up, went to ask her who it was.

She said Alba, she thought.

Alba is an old friend of mine. No, she's not elderly. She's my age. I've known her a long time. Like...I don't know how many years. Maybe 12? 15?

Anyway, I called Alba back on her cell.

She answered: "Hello, CRABBY!"

-- W i l l

Copyright © June 2001 W i l l