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H o w   T o   M a k e
A   B a b y

Maybe it's because it's the end of the semester but lately in class it's been like a return to grade school. We've been acting pretty immature. People have been talking during lecture, passing notes. Margarette has been whispering stuff to me in class and kicking the back of my desk.

My professor had a videotape with him today. He said he was going to show us a piece on how to have a baby. Naturally there were jokes. I said, "How to MAKE a baby?" Sybil and Karen laughed. Sybil said, "You wish!"

I said to the girls: "There's a closet down the hall..."

Margarette said to me: "What makes you think I would want to, with you!?"

I said: "Who said I would ask you? I want someone with a little more experience."

Margarette's eyes and mouth got wide in mock-shock. I said I was just kidding. She grinned.

Then Sybil said: "How do you know she doesn't have lots of experience!?"

Okay, okay, so she got me. Blast. Heh.

Meanwhile the professor was fooling with the VCR and videotape. He fast-forwarded through the part with the intercourse! Damn him! j/k.

We ended up watching a bunch of video inside the woman's body. It was something taped off TLC. Zzz. I think I saw this film in high school -- when it was called "The Miracle of Life"!

-- W i l l

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