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S e l f - H y p n o s i s

Location: State Hospital
Job: Rehabilitation Assistant
Who: Me

I was in the state (mental) hospital library. Several of the patients were sitting and/or standing around. "Excuse me, sir." I looked over. There was a stocky boy with a wide, round, pale face, bright blue eyes. He was wearing a blue-and-red-striped t-shirt. "Yes," I said. "Do you know how to do self-hypnosis?" I said I was familiar with it, why was he asking. He said he thought self-hypnosis might help him with his epilepsy. "But I can't find out how to do it." He showed me 'self-hypnosis' in the dictionary. There was, of course, just a definition, no details. "Is it one of these," he asked, ticking a finger back and forth in front of his eyes. I said possibly. "Could you show me?" He had a Walkman and unplugged the headphones, swinging the cord in front of our faces. I said that might work but I wasn't sure. He thanked me, sir, and went happily on his way. A little while later he came back. "Hey," he said, "I found out how to do it!" He wanted me to follow him over to a computer. "See there," he said excitedly. He was pointing to the monitor. There was a row of moons representing lightness and darkness settings. He said he had looked at those moons back and forth real quicklike and that he had gone into a "trance." I said wow. He said, "Yeah. Now all I need to do is get me a computer!" He grinned widely at me and I just grinned back.

-- W i l l

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