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M i s s e s   M e

Location: State Hospital
Job: Rehabilitation Assistant
Who: Me

There was an old lady at the state (mental) hospital--small, thin, with glasses and a shiny black clasp purse. She looked and acted like any normal eldery person. She was well-dressed. She hadn't said a word and then suddenly she started crying. My friend, Emilee, and I were seated beside her and asked what was wrong. "My house is lonely. My house misses me," she said, tears streaming down behind her glasses. It was heartbreaking.

A day or two later the old lady was moved to a group home. One of the hospital attendants told me that she'd been brought to the state hospital because her husband couldn't deal with her anymore. He had had her arrested. They had a lot of cats. She'd been putting them in the freezer.

-- W i l l

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