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T h a t ' s   N o t   R e a l i t y

Location: State Hospital
Job: Rehabilitation Assistant
Who: Me

The people at the state (mental) hospital try to discourage one woman's delusions. She thinks my friend, Emilee, is her daughter and that I'm her son-in-law (We're married!?). She also thinks that, at age 51, and with no sexual contact whatsoever, she's pregnant. Whenever this woman says something like that the staffers tell her: "That's not reality."

The other afternoon we were listening to music as part of relaxation time. A song came on. It was Paul Simon. The woman said, in her country way, "That's Simon and Garfunkel, or the guy who used to be Simon and Garfunkel anyway." The young attendant sitting next to her asked her what she was talking about. She repeated: "That's Simon and Garfunkel, or the guy who used to be Simon and Garfunkel." The attendant paused a moment and then told the woman, "That's not reality." I tried not to grin.

-- W i l l

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