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This morning, just before I left, I saw something about a plane, or planes, having crashed into the World Trade Center but unfortunately I didn't pay much attention to it. I had to get going.

I hustled out to my bus. It came, and as soon as I stepped inside, the bus driver looked over at some sort of computer panel and said: "Huh. All the bases are being closed" (We have 4 military bases here). Right then I knew something was wrong. I immediately thought of the World Trade Center.

Cars were running on the street as usual while I was waiting for my second bus. An older woman with red hair joined me on the bench. "Would you like an Altoid?" She held out a little tin and, without thinking, I took one of the mints and popped it in my mouth. Only as it dissolved on my tongue did I start to realize it could have been laced with something, like a drug. My mind was obviously somewhere else.

The bus came and dropped me off. I still had a few blocks to walk. As I approached the school, I noticed the parking lot was unusually sparse. There were only two or three cars. Usually the lots are full, with cars zigging and zagging this way and that. I got closer and saw police cars all over the perimeter of the campus. I decided I better just turn around and get out of there. I assumed we weren't having school.

I was eager to get home, to find out just what exactly had happened. I just got here and have the news on now. They're reporting that terrorists took over four commercial airplanes in the space of an hour and crashed two of them into the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Lots of destruction. Massive deaths.

And they said it could never happen here...

-- W i l l

Copyright © September 11, 2001 W i l l