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B r e a k i n g   T h e   L a w

So I went to check my mail today...and my neighbor was out there. She's...I don't know how old (young). Has frizzy red hair. She was reading something as I walked up.

I started to say hello to her just as she looked up. "Wuh-ahhhh!" she said. I'd spooked her, I guess. She jumped back. Heh.

"Sor--," she said, all flustered-like. "I was-- Sorry, I was just reading your magazine."


"I saw you had a magazine there in your mailbox, so I decided to take a look at it." She grinned sheepishly and handed my magazine over to me. It was my copy of Entertainment Weekly.

Son of a biscuit!

Ya know, last I heard, reading someone else's mail was against the law. Hmm... I might have to bust me some neighbor ass...

-- W i l l

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