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H a p p y   B - d a y ! ! !

The bus had arrived at my stop. I stood up to get off. A guy was coming from the back of the bus. I decided to let him exit first. Only trouble was he had a box or something in his hands and the doors weren't automatic. You have to really push to get out. So I reached around him and pushed the doors out and he walked through. "Thanks, man," he said once we were on the sidewalk. "No problem," I said.

We kept walking. We were going the same way. I looked over at what he was carrying. It wasn't a box at all. It was a baking pan with a clear top. I could see a flat chocolate cake underneath. A little handwritten sign taped to the top said, "Happy B-day!!!" in dark blue marker. "Somebody's birthday today, huh," I said.

"Yeah," the guy said.


"Nah, it's for this girl at work."

"Oh," I said. "Who made it?"

"I did!"

"Really? Where did you get the recipe?"

"The back of the box." He snickered so loud mucous rattled in his nose. "It took forever to make it too, nearly killed me!"


"Yeah, and I don't even bake. I've never baked in my life!"

Oh that poor girl...

-- W i l l

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