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S k i n n y   A l   S h a r p t o n

This morning Skinny Al Sharpton and Fat Drama Queen got on the bus. There was some hassle at the front of the bus. Fat Drama Queen gave the bus driver some lip. I think she was arguing the price. Finally she slammed some coins into the machine and she and Skinny Al Sharpton sat behind me.

A few minutes later the bell rang. Someone wanted to get off. It was Skinny Al Sharpton.

The back doors opened and Skinny Al Sharpton started down the steps. Fat Drama Queen called to him and Skinny Al Sharpton turned around. He just stood there inbetween the doors. The doors started to close. Skinny Al Sharpton stood there still. The doors slowly closed on him. "Oh!" Fat Drama Queen exclaimed. "We are so gonna sue you, Mr. Bus Driver!"

"Ahh," Skinny Al Sharpton hollered in mock-pain. The doors were barely touching him and were quickly opened. Skinny Al Sharpton stepped off the bus. Meanwhile Fat Drama Queen was talking: "You closed my honey in the doe!" No response. She kept on. "Blah blah blah, I would have fallen, sh**!"

Lazy-Eyed White Guy looked back at her with one eye and said: "Wouldn't have happened if he had gone on out instead of standing there talking to you." That shut Fat Drama Queen up. She didn't say another thing for the rest of the trip.

-- W i l l

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