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T i n a ' s   S u r p r i s e

My mom and I had just finished dinner at Olive Garden. I had my usual: spaghetti with marinara, iced tea, the salad and breadsticks. Suddenly I felt someone just behind, then to the side of me. "Here you go," she said, setting half a small chocolate cake down on the table. I looked up. It was my friend Tina from college. She had a young girl with her. "Today is my daughter's birthday. Well, actually, tomorrow is the birthday, we're just celebrating today." I'd just heard the waiters and waitresses sing happy birthday to someone. I guess it was her.

Tina introduced her daughter. "We saw you over here, so we thought we would bring the rest of the cake to you." We talked for a little bit and then Tina said they had somewhere to go. I thanked them both.

Our waitress came by. "Someone brought you some cake, huh?" I said yes. "That little girl who just had a birthday?" I said yes. "That was nice of her..." I agreed.

-- W i l l

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