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A n g e l

In one of my classes, the professor had us pair off with another person. He gave us a few minutes to talk and then wanted us to briefly introduce the other person to the class. I asked the girl next to me. Her name was Angel. I learned that she was named for the Spanish actress Angelica Maria, that she is 20, that she was born on August 29th, that she's a Virgo. I asked her if she had any tattoos. She said yes, a black rose. I asked her where. She told me. We got along great. She was funny and sarcastic.

The professor said the time was up. "Who would like to go first," he asked. I said I would. "This is Angel," I began, "and first of all her name is misleading..." Angel kind of gave me a glare and her mouth was round like an 'o.' "She has a black rose tattoo...on her lower back..." I paused a moment. "I didn't see it." The class laughed. "She didn't show it to me." The class laughed some more. Angel seemed to blush. "She just told me. I took her word for it."

I shared a few more details I had learned about Angel. After my presentation was done, the professor asked if anyone had any questions for Angel. A few people did. She answered them. Then one woman said she had a question for me: "Why did you say her name is misleading?" I smiled and said because to one of my questions Angel had said: "Bite me!" The class laughed again. Angel blushed. "You didn't have to tell them that!"

-- W i l l

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