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Singing: "Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do..."

C h e e s e   I t ,   I t ' s   T h e   C o p s !

I was in my Grief class when all of a sudden there were all these car sirens blaring loudly outside.

"That was outside my head, right," the professor joked. We kind of grinned.

The sirens got closer and closer. A few minutes later there were several police officers outside in the hall. They were winded. They'd had to race all the way up to the sixth floor where we were.

My class was curious. What could be going on? "Okay," my professor said, "one more thing and then I will let you go, so you can find out what happened." Yay.

So here's the story: Apparently a class was taking an exam. And apparently some students were outside, making too much noise out in the hall. So, a teacher made a disturbance call to the police, and they rushed right over.

That'll teach 'em to mess with a professor during midterm! Heh.

-- W i l l

Copyright © 2002 W i l l