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G e t   A   C l u e

For one of my classes we have to sit in a circle every time. Our professor said he'd prefer that we be sitting in the circle already when he walks into the room. As of yet that has not happened.

The other day a few of us got to class early. We arranged the chairs into a circle. One of our classmates, Nick, walked in. "Hey," he said, "we've already got a circle!" "Yep," I said.

"Who did it," Nick asked. "Oh wait, it must have been you three!"

"Brilliant deduction," I said sarcastically. "Ever given any thought to being a detective?" Nick smirked.

Someone else said: "Yeah, dude. Colonel Mustard did it in the foyer..."

We all shared a laugh.

Now if only the professor had shown up to see our handiwork. Unfortunately he had called in sick. Bah!

-- W i l l

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