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H y s t e r e c t o m y

Today in my Human Sexuality class we talked about women and gynecological health. My professor--I don't know why!--decided to share some of her experience.

My professor is an older woman. Not "old" old. Maybe 50 or so. A few years ago she'd started bleeding--a LOT. More than her regular period. She was bleeding all the time. Constantly. Am I telling you more than you want to know? Well, she told us more than I wanted to know!

Anyway, the short of it is she had her hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus). But, she said: "Do I still feel horny? Do I still get turned on? Do I still want sex? YOU BET!"

I turned to the guy behind me. "Dude, she was looking at you when she said that."

"Nuh uh! No she wasn't!"

I said to him: "It's true!" He blushed.

-- W i l l

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