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I   W a n t   A   C a s k e t

Today in my Grief class we had a guest speaker. He was a funeral director from a local funeral home.

He told us all about the steps for planning a funeral--choosing a casket and such. He even gave us a price list.

"People tend to find this funny," the funeral director dude said, "but our caskets are outfitted with a box-spring mattress!"

We all kind of laughed.

After he was done talking, he asked for the usual questions. Sheena asked: "Can anyone like just buy a casket just for the casket?"

"Sure," the guy said.

"Cool," Sheena said. "I'd like to have just a casket..."

"Why," I asked Sheena. "Would you sleep in it?"

She smiled. "Might as well, right."

"Sure," I said. "After all, they DO have a box-spring in 'em!"

-- W i l l

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