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L e s b i a n s

Today in class we were told we're going to have a guest speaker next week. He'll be from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance.

"Ah, man," Mario said, "a dude?"

I said: "Yeah, you just wish it was going to be a girl... No, wait, TWO girls."

Mario smiled.

"Actually," I said, "you wish they would demonstrate, so we'd...become more comfortable with lesbianism."

The girls nearby laughed. Mario laughed too and pretended to cover his eyes. "Yeah," this girl across the room said, "cover your eyes like this." She held her hand up in front of her face, fingers spread apart. She peeked inbetween. We laughed some more. It was goofy. It was fun. It was goofy fun.

-- W i l l

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