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L o v e   I n   A n
E l e v a t o r

Well, the escalators were broken today. Men were working on them. They had them blocked off so we couldn't walk down them. When we got out of class, we had two choices then: (1) elevator or (2) stairs. Elevator won out, naturally.

There was a sizable group of us waiting outside the elevator. "Gonna be kinda cozy," I remarked. The elevator is quite small.

So the elevator finally came and a few of us got on. The doors closed. We were tightly packed. I looked around and realized something. "Hey," I said, "am I the only guy on here?" The girls smiled.

"You know," I said, "I had a fantasy like this one time..." The girls all laughed. (Phew. Thank goodness. I could have been dead meat. Heh.)

-- W i l l

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