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O u c h y !

Today in my Psychology of Personal Adjustment class we sat in our usual circle and talked about many things. One thing we talked about was the school elevators. Students are supposed to use only the stairs or escalators. One woman said she felt that this is wrong. We are paying tuition, she said, and everyone should be able to use the elevators. As it stands right now, the elevators are to be used only by the professors and other staff, and the handicapped.

Class ended and we had to move the chairs back. Cecilia whipped her desk around so fast that she whammed my finger(!) "Oh, I'm sorry," she said. I told her it was okay (and it was).

On the way out of class I held the door. Cecilia came right behind. "I should have slammed your finger in the door--to get you back," I teased.

"Yeah, well, if you had done that I would have kicked your ass all the way down the escalator!"

I paused a moment and then said: "Hmm... Maybe I should take the elevator..." Cecilia laughed.

-- W i l l

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