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Watching: "Hannibal"

H e r   P h o n e   W e n t
O f f   I n   C l a s s

We were in class, broken up into groups of two for a "mini-project." All of a sudden a phone rang. It was playing one of those tinny musical pieces that go on. And on. And on.

Sara hopped up and ran over. It was her phone--and it was deep down inside her backpack. Sara dug for it as the professor talked to us. Sara looked up at me and was blushing full red.

Later on, the professor was setting up an overhead projector and asked this one girl if she would move seats. The girl sat in Sara's desk. I leaned over and told her: "If Sara's phone rings again, you answer it." She grinned, gums showing.

Sara asked the girl what I'd said. The girl told her. Sara looked over at me and said: "Hey, I turned it off!" I just smirked.

-- W i l l

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