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P l u m b e r ' s   C r a c k

It was just after class and Sheena and I and our professor were the only ones left in the room.

Sheena asked the professor: "What's that guy's name that sits right there?" She was pointing to a seat a row over and a couple of chairs up from hers.

"Adam, I think," the professor said.

"Yeah, well, Adam, or whatever his name is," Sheena said, "had some major plumber's crack going on today!" (Plumber's crack, in case you don't know, is that little bit of butt cleavage you see when someone's pants ride down too low in back.)

The professor's eyes grew wide and she kind of coughed a laugh.

"What were you doing looking down there," I teased.

"Hey, well, it's kind of hard to miss. I mean I was looking up but my eyes kept getting drawn down to it!"

"Uh huhhh," I said.

We all laughed, the professor a little awkwardly.

"Would you like to hear something interesting," the professor asked us. We said sure. "His e-mail address--or the one he gave me--is..." She flipped through some papers. "BoogerBastard. I hope I never have to use it!" We all laughed again.

-- W i l l

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