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S h o w - o f f !

Today in my Personal Adjustment class the professor had a set of four pages, two columns each page, six items per column. He asked us to pick a number between 1 & 4 (page), A or B (column), and a number between 1 & 6 (item). Then the professor asked us a corresponding question or told us to do something.

We went around the room. There are about 16 people in the class and I was going to be the next to last person to go. All along I had decided on "1, A, 1." Well, guess what Nikki, the girl right before me, said? "1, A, 1." @#$%! I said, "Hey, that's mine!" "Sorry," Nikki said. We shared a laugh.

The professor read Nikki's item: "Get up," he said. Nikki walked inside the circle of chairs. "Now, show off!" Nikki looked at him quizzically. I said: "Do a cartwheel! Stand on your head!" Nikki got flustered, then started sashaying back and forth flapping her jacket open and closed.

Phew, am I glad I didn't get that. "W i l l," the professor said, "would you still like to do that one?" I said oh hell no. He chuckled.

After Nikki sat down, I put my hand on her desk and said, "Thank you" (for taking 1, A, 1). Heh.

I ended up having to decide who had the most authority in the class and telling that person how I felt about it. I chose the professor and said I felt good.

At least I didn't get what Cecilia did. She had to point to her favorite body part and say why she liked it!

-- W i l l

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