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T h e   K i s s

There's this girl, Brett, and this girl, Sochi. They're in one of my psych. classes. They're practically inseparable. I was talking to them this morning. Brett asked Sochi if anything had happened with this guy over the weekend. I got the feeling that the guy was either someone Brett had her eye on or was dating. Sochi said nah, nothing had happened. "Come on," Brett said, "just tell me. I keep getting the feeling that something happened. Just tell me." Sochi cut her eyes at me and then looked back at Brett. "Well, okay, something did happen. He...kissed me goodnight." "I thought so," Brett said, her face tightening and her lip curling.

A few seconds went by and then I said: "So,... What kind of kiss was it? I mean was it a light peck, or..." Sochi looked at me, chuckled smally and awkwardly, and said, "Oh, thanks a LOT!"

Anytime. >;-)

-- W i l l

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