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" W i l l ! "

In my Personal Adjustment class we talked about various things. One was Angel's wardrobe. She was wearing a light purple shirt, black pants, platform boots, a big fuzzy purple coat, and a mood ring. Tensia asked what color Angel's mood ring was. Angel said "deep blue." "What does deep blue mean?" Tensia asked. Angel said, "Happy love." I said, "Somebody got some!*" Michelle yelled: "Will!"

A little later the professor asked if I would give him a back massage. I said hell no. "Nick would," the professor said. "Yeah," I said, "but he's stoned.**" Michelle yelled again: "Will!"

I was just teasing of course. >;-)

* Angel tends to be dark and depressed.
** Nick is an admitted marijuana smoker.

-- W i l l

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