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Darla was introduced in the first two episodes of the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However, she was killed off in episode seven (Someone stabbed her in the back, literally and figuratively). She was later brought back to life (so to speak) on the spin-off series Angel. Here are some comments Darla fans have made about her.

"...Darla is the coolest vampire" (AISLINN)

"I think it would be so cool if she were back..." (ANGELIC)

"Darla would make a great antagonist on the show" (ANTHONY KW YUEN)

"Darla is the coolest vampire on the show" (BEHATCH)

"Wasn't Darla just so darn cute...even though she was an evil blood-sucking carnivore" (BLADE-THE VAMPIRE HUNTER)

"Darla's kind of a vampire version of Buffy--I mean, if you think about it, they're kind of similar" (BUFF1F)

"PLEASE consider bringing back a Darla element...heck, bring back Darla" (CHRIS IN KC)

"...sad to see Darla go" (CYCLONE)

"Darla's dead, so Buffy's my bite" (DAVID BOREANAZ / 'ANGEL' )

(DAVID BOREANAZ / 'ANGEL' on Twitter 12/15/11)

"If Darla didn't love Angel she sure liked him a lot" (DIANE WESTERFIELD)

"...she sounded funny in a `i realize you have those darn fake fangs in your mouth'...way" (FYI)

"Darla, the school girl from Hell(mouth)..." (HENDU)

"Darla is incredibly cool and Julie Benz is incredibly beautiful." (IR)

"Isn't she the perfect villain, that everybody loves to hate?" (JIMMY WAN)

"...for Darla to endorse killing is nothing, for she has no soul..." (JJ)

"I personally thought Darla was pretty cool" (JOEL)

"Julie Benz just rocks as Darla! ... But I want Darla with a soul damnit!!" (JULIE)

"Was it just me or did anyone else want to kick Darla's @$$...?" (KAREN)

"I wished they didn't kill Darla" (THE KEEPER)

"Julie was amazing in that episode [Angel - "The Trial"]." (KERI)

"Darla certainly was a great villainess" (LESLIE)

"I think it was a mistake to kill off Darla so soon" (LILLIAN, TOREADORS CLAN)

"What Darla lacked in clothing and hairstyle taste, she made up for in her taste, literally, for lovers" (LISA ROSE)

"I really BELIEVED Julie as Darla right then [Angel - "The Trial"]." (LITTLE WILLOW)

"In this moment I want Darla back. She could be breaking his neck and send him to hell!! What a pity that Angel killed her." (LYDIA)

"I still wish they hadn't killed off Darla" (MCASTR)

"Darla's Catholic school girl outfit was...interesting" (MIKE DAVIGNON)

"I'm sad Darla's gone" (MIKO)

"...hope we get to see Darla the vampire again" (MOONCAT)

"Darla was the most" (NEAL-BTVS FAN)

"...the quite deceased and greatly missed Darla" (NESSA)

"I'm gonna miss Darla too" (PAGANGIRL)

"Was there ever a more wicked and sexy vampire?" (RAIVEN)

"She would've been a great recurring villain" (RICK)

"Klingon bastards! You killed my Darla!" (RUFF TUFF BUFF STUFF)

"Darla can suck my neck any time. this is my input..." (RYAN HILLIKER)

"Darla was packin' the heat" (RYBEN)

"I am disappointed that Darla was killed" (SGT ROCK)

"Why does Darla feel the need to wear a Catholic school uniform everywhere she goes? It's not exactly like Buffy's school has a dress code..." (*STARR*)

"Too bad they killed her off. She would have made a good on-going villain" (STEVE HONG)

"Darla is my goddess, my queen, my Patron Saint of Motherhood! Let her have the jasmine!" / "Darla is Connor's jasmine lullaby. Connor is Darla's sanctuary." / "Connor is Darla's son and that's all that matters." / "Connor is his mother's son." / "Like mother and son - Darla and Connor are the kick!" (TARA)

"...the baddest Catholic school girl in the universe..." (TC)

"She used her looks along with the way she touched and the tones of her voice to lull victims into a false sense of security" (THRAWN)

"I liked her too" (TV JAMES)

"I think Darla should be back" (TWIG)

"I would not mind her returning because...I think the character was a good idea" (VICKI)

"...Darla (one hell of a vamp)" (~*VIOLET STARR*~)

"I was crushed that the character Darla was killed...BRING DARLA BACK!" (YAGA)

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