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Master's Minions


ANGEL - He was a googly-eyed poster-boy vamp in love with the very-human Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Okay, technically he was only part vampire (he had a human soul), but once a vampire always a vampire.

COLIN - Not to be confused with COLLIN (THE ANOINTED). This dude was a vamp underling; The Master jabbed his eye out in the episode "Welcome to the Hellmouth."

COLLIN (THE ANOINTED) - Introduced in the episode "Never Kill A Boy On The First Date," he was considered the Master's greatest warrior and Buffy's greatest foe. Pretty good for a kid that's, like, eight. He was later killed by being exposed to direct sunlight in the episode "School Hard." So much for greatest.

DARLA - The Master's self-described favorite, she was a blonde vampire who favored Catholic schoolgirl attire. Darla was killed when she was stabbed in the back, literally, in the episode "Angel."

FORK GUY - He was a one-armed vamp, with a claw-like hand, that liked to hang around the Sunnydale park--until Buffy killed him with a fence slat in the episode "Teacher's Pet."

JESSE - He was a dorky friend of Xander's before he was turned into an even dorkier vamp. Jesse was "accidentally" killed in the episode "Welcome to the Hellmouth" at the Bronze when a girl bumped him onto a stick Xander was holding. Guess he got the point.

LUKE - He was the Master's toady and "vessel" in the episode "Welcome to the Hellmouth" before Buffy plunged a stake into him at the Bronze.

THOMAS - In the episode "Welcome to the Hellmouth," he was a vampire who lured Willow away from the Bronze to the cemetery. Buffy killed him, in the mausoleum, with the stake "knife."

THE THREE - A trio (hence the name) of vamps that wore chain mail armor, they were killed by Darla as penance for having failed to annihilate Buffy in the episode "Angel."

ZACKERY - The Master made reference to his death at the hands of Buffy in the episode "Angel."

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