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"I'm sorry, did you lose your way?"
-- To Eddie, a lost college student.

"Boring... Boring... Boring... Boring... Boring... Boring... Astonishingly boring. We... We have to kill some cooler people."
-- As she flipped through Eddie's CD collection.

"No, the fact that you're fat makes you look fat."
-- To her heavyset lackey who asked whether a sweater made her look fat.

"Oh, I'm-- I'm Sunday. I'll be killing you here in a minute or so."
-- Introducing herself to Buffy.

"Yeah, I think you had a lot of misconceptions about college."
-- To Buffy after she commented that she thought people were supposed to get smarter in college.

"Those jeans with the little patches? She has no one to blame but herself."
-- Dissing Buffy's wardrobe to her lackeys.

"Say, don't I know you from...beating the crap out of you?"
-- Upon being reunited with Buffy.

"This arm's not looking so good. It might have to come off."
-- While starting to twist Buffy's arm.